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storspion icons
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the community
Hello. :) You have arrived at storspion_icons, the icon community of aiseiri_47 and fantasium. Here you will find icons from a variety of fandoms, as well as stock and seasonal and miscellaneous ones. At the moment we're busy settling in, but Jack knows what we'll get up to in the future... So, yes, feel free to join/watch the community for more or less irregular updates. Welcome!
the rules
  • Comment. We like comments. :)
  • Credit. If you don't know how to, click here and we will explain.
  • No hotlinking.
  • No altering icons without permission.
the links
the makers
aiseiri_47 and fantasium. Jenna and Anna. Or juliet 47 and alpha 35, since every sensible woman needs a callsign tagsign. We're flatmates, best friends, fellow meat-and-potato appreciators, chocolate and tea addicts, and also sometimes fangirls of various worthy works, people, characters, movies and series. Like, for example, Alias. ♥